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let the Action begin

Hold down the original enthusiasm of each moment with impressive image quality and unsurpassed flexibility, even if the lighting conditions get worse. With the Osmo Action 4 can record everything, share their enthusiasm and specify the tone.

  • 1/1.3 inch sensor for first-class low-light recordings
  • 10-bit and D-Log M colors
  • 4K/120FPS and 155º ultra -wake angle visual field
  • Magnetic quick lock and real vertical videos
  • 360 ° Horizonsteady
  • Waterproof up to 18 m
  • Over 2.5 hours of battery life
  • Fast ladder function (80% in 18 minutes)
  • Two touchscreens

    1/1.3-inch camera sensor
    With the Action 4 Every pixel comes into its own. A wide F/2.8 aperture and an equivalent pixel size of 2.4 μm provide recordings full of details, from sunrise to sunset and beyond.

    10-bit D-Log M coloring power
    The 10-bit D-Log M color mode offers you more than a billion colors and a larger dynamic range with which you can play around in post-production.

    4 k/120 fps
    The best moves deserve butter -soft slow motion. For this reason, the Action 4 videos with 4K UHD and 120 FPS, which offer you an easy way to distort the time and enjoy every moment.

    155 ° Ultra wide angle
    Experience an ultra-wing angle field of view that captivates you with a perspective that closes the human eye.

    Situation -based stabilization

    360º Horizonsteady
    360 ° Horizonsteady goes far above the simple stabilization of the Action-Camera and corrects horizontal tendencies in every angle, no matter how many jumps or turns you do. Are you planning something less extreme? Test horizon balancing for a horizontal inclination correction of up to ± 45 °.

    Rocksteady 3.0
    Never again camera canteur. Rocksteady 3.0 also ensures liquid stabilization in your POV film material for recordings with 4 K/120 FPS.

    Calibrate color temperature
    An advanced color temperature sensor ensures lifelike tones outdoors, indoors and under water and creates colors that literally jump out of the camera.

    Lively underwater worlds
    DJI Mimo can now see visual information from the color temperature sensor of the Action 4 Synchronize to achieve impressive details under water

    Sprinkle all boundaries
    There are limits to be overcome and the Action 4 is that Action-Camera with which you can do exactly that thanks to countless functions that are as powerful as intuitive.

    Magnetic quick closure
    The magnetic quick closure design of the Action 4 Allows you to change quickly if the moment requires it.

    Real vertical recordings
    Vertical recordings with ease and flexibility. With the protective frame you can absorb loss -free vertical film material in a matter of seconds.

    Two touchscreens
    The two water stain -resistant touchscreens let the turn of the Action-Camera for parameter adjustments during selfies, mode changes or video playback past.

    Individual settings and quick change buttons
    Functions like Snapshot ensure that you never miss the biggest moments. Save frequently used settings on the short commands C1 to C5 and change with the quick change button and voice commands at any time between modes.

    Waterproof up to 18 m
    Dive with confidence and enjoy the simple operation even with wet hands. The Action 4 is designed in such a way that it withstands up to 18 meters without housing.

    Ultra -long battery life, support for quick charging
    With over 2.5 hours of battery life, you don't miss anything. If you have to recharge at some point, quick charging is just the thing. In just 18 minutes you can reach up to 80 %. Simply switch on and back into the Action.

    Low temperature, high performance
    Thanks to the freezer-resistant battery design, you can let your creativity run free even when it gets colder. Enjoy up to 150 minutes at temperatures of up to -20 ° C.

    AI removal of the selfie stick
    With the improved Invisistick function, you remove the selfie stick in more scenarios from your recordings to get a breathtaking perspective.

    GPS-Bluetooth remote control and sports tracking
    Record the entire image with the GPS Bluetooth remote control. Draw data such as speed, inclination, acceleration and more and integrate them into your recordings to get videos that represent every aspect of your adventure.

    Intelligent recording modes

    Extended recording options
    From dynamic recordings with crystal clear audio to seamless post-production functions-the Action 4 was developed to record all the details in fast sports.

    With the integrated microphone array, you get pure, clear tone and make high-quality audio child's play. The Action 4 also supports the external connection with DJI Mic For extended recording options.

    Reduction of ambient noise
    The Action 4 is equipped for omnidirectional recordings with improved playful fidelity with three microphones. A hidden microphone on the underside of the Action-Camera and the advanced software for noise reduction ensure clear audio recordings, even in wind or fast movements.

    Radio microphone
    The Action 4 is compatible with DJI Micthat has a transmission range of up to 250 meters. The Action 4 can be via the 3.5 mmUSB-C-To cable also connect to other external microphones.

    The Action 4 Supports live streaming via Wi-Fi or the hotspot of your phone. Simply choose your preferred platform and resolution and connect to your world. Use an external power supply to your Action-to charge the camera on longer streams and to ensure an uninterrupted transmission.

    Talk to your camera

    Voice output
    Just press the quick change button and the camera tells you the current recording mode. Even if the screens are not visible - you can still select the desired mode.

    voice control
    Try voice control when your hands are busy. Use various voice commands for an entertaining and free -handed creative process.

    Time code synchronization
    Thanks to the integrated time code function of the Action 4 can you find footage of several Cameras Synchronize to make processing more efficient.

    Lightcut app

    AI processing
    The LightCut app automatically detects elements in your film material and recommends an ideal recording sequence, so that you get an excellent 4K HD video with just one tap. You can also choose from a number of templates and generate expressive content of all your adventures.

    Easy post -processing
    The Lightcut app can recognize topics in the film material; Edit automatically and output it as a 4-k/60-FPS videos.

    Countless templates
    The Lightcut app is closely to the usage scenarios of the Action 4 adjusted. It can automatically select biking, diving, surfing or skiing/snowboarding clips and intelligently compare them with exclusive templates to create epic clips. Templates for camping, vlogging, trips and parties are also available.

    Wireless connection
    Simply connect to the Action 4 to get a quick preview and automatic processing without having to download the camera without having to download. So you save space on your cell phone.

    scope of delivery

    • 1x Osmo Action 4
    • 1x Osmo Action Extreme battery
    • 1x Osmo Action 3 protective frames
    • 1x Osmo Action Rapid lock adapter holder
    • 1x Osmo Action Pick -up bracket (arched)
    • 1x Osmo Piercing screw
    • 1x USB-C on USB-C PD Cable
    • 1x Osmo Action Backlight aperture
    • 1x Osmo Action Anti slide pads
    • 1x logo sticker
    • 1x short guide
    • 1x guarantee card


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