DJI Osmo Action 3 camera Adventure Combo

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With the Osmo Action 3 There are no limits to your adventures.
It has a quick lock design for fast horizontal and vertical assembly and touchscreens on the front and back.
With improvements in cold resistance, battery life and diving depth, there was never a better time to record your adventures.
The Adventure Combo Comes with additional batteries, charging bowl, selfie stick and other accessories.

  • 4K/120fps & superwand field of vision
  • Big 1/1,7" Image sensor
  • Horizonsteady
  • Cold -resistant & durable
  • Vertical quick lock bracket
  • Waterproof up to 16 m
  • Two touchscreens

scope of delivery

  • 1x Osmo Action 3
  • 3x Osmo Action 3 extreme battery
  • 1x Osmo Action 3 protective frames
  • 2x Osmo Action 3 Lens protection (rubber)
  • 2x Osmo Action 3 Rapid closure adapter holder
  • 1x Osmo Pick -up bracket (flat)
  • 2x Osmo Piercing screw
  • 1x USB-C on USB-C PD Cable
  • 1x Osmo Action 3 battery charms (multifunctional)
  • 1x Osmo Extension rod (1.5 m)
  • 2x DJI Logo sticker

4K/120fps - Every moment can be a highlight
Take videos with up to 4k/120fps and record your experiences in breathtaking details.

Superge 155 ° field of vision - infinite possibilities
A super -wide field of vision makes every scene more interesting, unforgettable and lets your audience immerse yourself in it.

Enjoy lifelike colors
The color temperature sensor of the Action 3 Adjusts white balance and exposure automatically to achieve precise colors, even in environments with complex lighting conditions such as diving.

Camera strengthening
The quick closure design of the Action 3 improves the shock resistance through strong magnets and an additional metal backup.
The camera is also for extremes Action well prepared.
It is easy to attach and remove it again and can change locations and accessories quickly and flexibly.

Mount them as you want
With the Osmo Action You can make 3 protective frames of vertical shots within seconds.
Simply lose weight and attach it again in the new orientation.

Battery - cold -resistant, durable
Also take up to 150 minutes at temperatures of up to 20 ° C. The Action 3 not only copes with cold weather. She is fully in her element here.

A battery that can keep up with you
The battery performance was with the Action 3 improved again to enable pictures of more than 2.5 hours.
Capture your entire adventure with just one battery charge.

No more delays
The Action 3 is the first Action-Cam that naturally supports fast charging technology. It can be charged to 80 % in just 18 minutes, which is sufficient for recordings of about two hours.

Rocksteady 3.0

The latest generation of Rocksteady uses sophisticated and again improved algorithms for stabilization to effectively eliminate camera canteurers in all directions.
It can be taken up to 4K when recording/120fps are used and offers stable and intensive impressions from which I perspective.

This intelligent stabilization helps to eliminate camera fuels in all directions and even corrects horizontal tendencies at every angle.
This means that recordings remain striking towards the horizon even with strong bumps and turns of 360 °.
In addition, you can also activate horizon balancing, which corrects the horizontal inclination within 45 degrees and the absorption of stable 4K/60fps videos supported.

Recordings go deeper

The camera is designed for depths of up to 16 meters and ensures improved underwater adventures without additional accessories.

Extremely stable glass
The two touchscreens at the front and back and the lens protection are all made of high -strength Gorilla glass, which is not only wear and resistant and scratch -resistant, but also withstands a fall from a height of 1.5 meters.
These three components also have a water -repellent coating so that the image quality is not affected.

Two touchscreens

The front touchscreen is practical for vlogs and and selfies and supports frequently used functions.
Camera settings, mode change or video playback can be made directly from the front without turning the camera.
If the camera orientation is switched from horizontally to vertically, the user interface adapts accordingly.
The touchscreens can also be operated with wet hands without any problems.

Intuitive control, even without a view
Just press the quick change button and the camera speaks to you and indicates the current recording mode.
Even if the camera is installed on a helmet, you can quickly select the desired mode and be sure that you will never miss the perfect moment for your recording.
You can even add up to five custom parameters to the list of recording modes.

Sound recording - intensive videos, crystal clear sound
Outstanding audio means better results.
The recording direction can be adjusted for a targeted and more precise sound recording.
A microphone on the underside of the Action 3 Suppresses wind noise and ensures better audio recordings in wind or at high speed.

External microphones
The Action 3 is with DJI Mic Compatible, which is easy to assemble and offers a transmission range of up to 250 meters.
The Action 3 can also use other external microphones via the 3.5 mm USB-C Connect the cable.

Webcam included
The Action 3 can be used as a webcam for better video calls.
Whether for meetings, long -distance lessons or just to chat with friends, simply switch between several perspectives and use the stereotone for crystal clear conversations.

DJI Mimo app - edit, divide and discover
Invisistick for Skiing
The DJI Mimo app unleashes the performance of your smartphone for the best of the Action 3 to get out.
It uses cloud computing and AI algorithms to make the selfie stick invisible when skiing and snowboarding and thus provide you with breathtaking pictures that look like they were taken up by a professional.

Wi-Fi Livestreaming
The Action 3 Supports live streaming platforms and several resolutions from which you can select.
Be ready for live streaming at any time and even pick up your live streams to look at them again later.

Lightcut - video processing can be so easy
The Lightcut app was specially used for use with the Action 3 optimized.
It can automatically select clips and intelligently integrate them into templates to simplify video editing for you.

Easy post -processing
Lightcut supports the direct connection with the Action 3 for a quick and comfortable preview.
Simply leave the selection of your best moments and enjoy 4K videos.

Countless templates
Choose from different templates that were developed for dynamic videos.
Whether cycling, snowboarding or diving, you can create breathtaking videos at any time quickly and easily.


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