DJI Mavic 3 Classic (DJI RC)

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scope of delivery

  • 1x Mavic 3 Classic
  • 1x RC Remote control
  • 1x RC Replacement tales (couple)
  • 1x Mavic 3 Intelligent Flight Battery
  • 3x Mavic 3 low -noise Propeller (Couple)
  • 1x DJI 65W charger
  • 1x Mavic 3 Classic Protective cover
  • 1x USB-C-Cable
Product details
  • Manufacturer:DJI
  • EAN: 6941565947673
  • Product type: drone
  • Maximum range in CE mode: 8 kilometers
    In practice, the range is increasingly lower, especially in urban areas.
  • Maximum flight time: 46 minutes
  • Certification: The Mavic 3 Classic is certified as one of the first drones in class C1.
  • Weight: 895 grams
  • Manufacturer guarantee: 24 months (drone & remote control), 12 months to 200 cycles (flight battery)

Detailed recordings

  • 4/3 cmos Hasselblad camera 5.1k HD video
  • 46 min flight time
  • Omnidirectional obstacle avoidance
  • Improved return

Hasselblad camera, for inspiring works
The legendary Swedish brand Hasselblad has the L2D-20C aerial photo camera especially for the Mavic 3 series designed and a professional 4/3 CMOS sensor embedded in an incredibly compact housing. The strict Hasselblad standards are applied to the hardware and the software algorithms and bring the image quality to a completely new level.

  • 20 MP
  • Effective Pixel 12-bit RAW
  • Color depth 12.8 aperture levels
  • Native dynamic range
  • f/2.8 to f/11
  • Adaptable aperture 24 mm
  • Equivalent focal length VDAF
  • Vision Detection Auto Focus Technology

Hasselblad Natural Color Solution (HNCS)
To ensure that the Mavic 3 Classic natural colors in the same way as other Hasselblad-Cameras Including, the L2D-20C objectively uses the same strict standards and has calibrated each pixel of the sensor with embedded HNCs. The decades of experience of Hasselblad delivers lively, natural colors with simple pressure on the trigger so that you can capture breathtaking landscapes or an evening red without complaining post -processing or coloring positions.

Professional recordings


Take a stricter details. Super Sampling technology enables 4K/60FPS videos.

Both the high resolution and the high frame rate deliver effortlessly HD videos in slow motion.

10-bit D log
Provides natural color gradations with more details in lights and shadows that are preserved for more flexibility in post -processing.

Offers a higher dynamic range that is suitable for numerous scenes and provides film material that does not require color correction in post -processing.

Night mode
This video mode optimizes recordings in scenarios with little light such as sunsets and sunrises and reduces the image noise for sharper recordings.

More flight time
The Mavic 3 Classic Is with the battery of the Mavic 3 series compatible and enables a balance of 40 minutes and a flight time of 46 minutes. This allows you to spend more time with recordings and need less worries about the battery level.

  • 40 min floating time
  • 46 min flight time

Omnidirectional obstacle avoidance
When flying, the Mavic 3 Classic Continuous objects in all directions and flies around smoothly and quickly. Even beginners can fly confidently and safely and create perfect recordings even in complicated scenarios.

  • Horizontal omnidirectional view sensors
  • View sensors (below)
  • View sensors (above)

Extreme precision
The high -precision positioning in the decimeter area makes it Mavic 3 Classic Extremely stable when floating. This not only ensures clear long exposure, but also helps with the absorption of stable time -lapse videos.

Cruise control
Fly the Mavic 3 Classic in a constant direction without constantly having to press the joysticks. This not only makes long -haul flights easier, but also contributes to reducing blurring during manual control for more stable camera movements.

Improved return
A highlight at the end: improved return. The improved return enables it Mavic 3 Classic, automatically determine the optimal route back to the starting point and execute it promptly. The Mavic 3 Classic Can fly to a certain position and then find a safe and efficient route back to the starting point, whereby the advantages of improved return and traditional return are combined so that you can select the best option according to your area.

Powerful video transmission

O3+ Transfer and more

With a transmission range of up to 15 km, you continue to fly and safer with a clear conscience. The O3+ Transmission can transmit a 1080p/60fPS live feed. This means that the camera view is displayed with specifications that are close to what the camera actually records. This reacts the Mavic 3 Classic Also better on your control.

  • 1080p/60fps
  • Live feed
  • 15 km
  • Transfer range

ActiveTrack 5.0
Follow the motif from different perspectives for more creative recordings.

Take in and edit automatically, for film -ready videos.

Carries out automated professional camera movements with dronia, rocket, circles and Helix.

Breathtaking recordings that capture and accelerate the course of time.

With panorama you can also take larger, more detailed recordings of your area.

Quick transfer at high speed
Photos and videos can quickly be made for editing or sharing Smartphone be transmitted.


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