INSTA360 Go 2 Action Camera


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 scope of delivery

  • 1x Insta360 Go 2
  • 1x charging cradle
  • 1x lens protection
  • 1x magnetic trailer
  • 1x rotary holder
  • 1x Easy Clip
  • 1x charging cable

Note: If you wear a pacemaker, please do not wear the go 2 on the chest and do not use the magnetic trailer due to its magnetism!

Product details

  • Brand / Manufacturer: INSTA360
  • Manufacturer number: CING2XX / A
  • EAN: 6970357852123
  • Product type: camera

The INSTA360 Go 2
Nearly 27 grams, thumbs-big and unbeatable stabilization.

The lightweight design enables high-resolution, hands-free recordings without the bulky, impractical accessories of a conventional action cam.
Thanks to waterproofness and replaceable protective lenses, it is ready for any action. The unique combination of size, stabilization and performance does not allow any other action cam: capturing the action without ever standing in the way. She is a cinematic companion, from which video and sports enthusiasts do not even notice that he is there.

Wear, Anclippen, attach.
The Go 2 can be easily attached everywhere. Thanks to its small size and amount of supplied accessories, she fits in places that remain denied other action cams - whether on them themselves, their dog or their car. Due to the integrated magnet and the magnetic trailer, the Go 2 can be easily attached to the T-shirt. With the Easy Clip, the Go 2 can be attached to a cap or headband, for easy and impressive POV shots from your point of view. As soon as the Go 2 is in position, you just have to press the front of the camera to start recording a video.

A powerful sensor.
Despite their size, the Go 2 does not save your performance. The Go 2 has the same powerful hardware like other flagship action cams, but is 6x lighter.
A 1/2.3 "image sensor - the standard for top action cams - allows the Go 2 to record videos at 1440p. These recordings are alive, detailed and the guaranteed eye-catcher on your own social media feed.

Always stable.
No matter where the Go 2 is also attached, the flowstate stabilization and the horizontal balancing algorithms of INSTE360 catch each shaking, pushing and fluctuate. Since the hands are free and the flowstate stabilization ensures shaky-free recordings, users can run anywhere, jump or drive. Thanks to Flowstate, it is sufficient to open up only with this thumb-in camera, but come back with recordings that work as if they were taken with a high-end gimbal.

Loading on the way.
The loading cradle of the Go 2 is the companion for your companion. Place the Go 2 in the charging cradle and after only 30 minutes it is charged. With the charging cradle, the Go 2 holds through 2 to 150 minutes before needing electricity again. This is twice as long as most action cams - and in a fraction of size.

Apart from the charging function, the charging cradle of the Go 2 also acts as remote control, tripod and handle for selfie recordings. It even has a ¼ "threaded bore to e.g. to secure a selfie stick or a tripod. About the integrated Bluetooth function of the charging cradle, the Go 2 can be remotely taxed from up to 10 meters. Simply attach the camera to the desired location, and then use the charging cradle to start the recordings from a distance. Ready for adventure. Surfing, a little cooling or just sunbathing on the beach? Take the Go 2 up to 4 meters under water without worrying. The go 2 is of nature waterproof according to protection type IPX8. In addition, the scratch-resistant lens protection from hardened glass preserves the lens of the Go 2 from damage. Can be replaced at any time by a different lens protection by simply unscrewing. Or replace it against an ND filter to achieve balanced colors and contrasts on the brightest days.

An app does everything.
With the INSTA360 app belonging to the Go 2, you have a preview of recording in real time via Wi-Fi and can customize the settings. As soon as the recording is done, the app offers a full-fledged editor to make the clips perfect. If it is in a hurry, the recordings do not even need to be downloaded to the phone before starting editing - just connect and edit directly via Wi-Fi. No cables needed. Let the Ki work for you.

No desire to edit yourself? Let the Ki take the editing with FlashCut 2.0. FlashCut 2.0 automatically cuts your clips to a story, highlights the best moments and puts in the clock of the music accents. Choose from preset editing templates for topics such as sports, travel or pets - or just choose your favorite recordings and let FlashCut do the rest. So or get a great edit you can share immediately. Narrow camera. Next angle.

The lens of Go 2 may look slim, but through the ultrabreite field of view, you do not have to be afraid that not the entire environment is in the box. Choose from four fields of view to capture each scenery perfectly. Include a sprawling landscape? Try the 120 degree "Ultra Wide" view field. Go on tour with your bike? Try the 110 degree "ActionView" view field, perfect for I-perspectives. Accelerate or slow down. Combine the action with a dynamic hyperlapse or highlight highlights with super slow motion. With the Go 2 all this works with just one finger tip. Take hyperlapses up to 6x speed or decelerate your video with up to 4x slow motion when recorded with 120 fps. The preparations for a stationary time lapse also require only a few seconds. Place the go 2 in the charging cradle, the tripod legs fold out and take on each angle. Shots at night? Use Nightlapse mode for exactly the correct interval and exposure time.

The go 2 are standard the charging cradle, the magnetic trailer, an easy clip, a rotary holder and a lens protection. The Go 2 also can also be customized by designing your own personal "skin" exclusively on


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