DJI Mini 2

DJISKU: CP.MA.00000312.01

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  • 1 x Aircraft
  • 1 x Remote control
  • 1 x Intelligent Flight Battery
  • 1 x Replacement propellers (pair)
  • 1 x USB C cable
  • 1 x Gimbal protection
  • 1 x RC cable (Micro-USB)
  • 1 x RC cable (USB-C)
  • 1 x RC cable (Lightning)
  • 1 x Additional control rods (pair)
  • 6 x Spare screw
  • 1 x Screwdriver
  • Brand/Manufacturer: DJI
  • Manufacturer number: CP.MA.00000312.01
  • EAN: 6941565905185

Let your imagination run free
DJI Mini 2 is beginner friendly, powerful and... mini. Impressive performance, breathtaking image quality and creative videos are always available quickly. Discover a completely new perspective and capture the moments that define your life decisively.

  • Ultra light with 249 g weight
  • 31 min. Max. Flight time
  • Top shots by 3-axis Gimbal with 4K camera
  • 4x Digital Zoom
  • Up to 6 km (CE) HD video transmission with OccuSync 2.0
  • Airborne to wind power 5 (up to 34 km/h)
  • Intelligent recording modes

Easy to pack and enjoy freedom
How easy is DJI Mini 2? With less than 249 g, it weighs about as much as an apple and fits into your palm. The compact and practical Mini 2 is your ideal travel companion and changes the way you hold your favorite memories.

Small but huge
Thanks to its compact format and intuitive and sophisticated features, DJI Mini 2 offers complete freedom to fully develop your creativity. Whether you are photographing on a lonely beach or holding on to the details of a happy family reunion, Mini 2 is always there.

Extremely powerful
It may be small, but this drone is full of power and energy.
With a maximum battery life of 31 minutes, DJI Mini 2 offers more than enough time to create the perfect recording. Mini 2 is also airworthy at wind power 5 and can still raise altitude even in 4.000 meters, so that your videos are stable even if you fly along a windy coast or high over a forest in the Alps.

OccuSync 2.0 Video transmission
Discover your world completely.
Mini 2 supports up to 6 km (CE) HD video transmission and has excellent interference-free video transmission so that you can continue to fly and see more clearly. 

Image quality that impresses

3-axis Gimbal with 4K camera
It's like you're pushing the playlist into your memories.
A 12-megapixel camera in the sky provides photos and videos that are guaranteed to impress. Along with 4K/30fps video and a motorized 3-axle Gimbal, Mini 2 provides a breathtaking image quality that always provides soft and fluid videos regardless of your appetite for adventure.

4x Zoom
There's no need to be this close to your dream shoot.
The 4-fold digital zoom makes the transition between images with different distances and composition safer and more comfortable. 

Control aerial photography now.
With few moves, DJI Mini 2 automatically records professional videos that can be shared directly on social media. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced flier, with the DJI Fly app you can achieve impressive results with sound tracks and filters. The available QuickShots are: Dronie, Helix, Rocket, Circles, Boomerang.

Show how breathtaking your view is
Choose from wide angle, 180-degree, and spherical anomalies and DJI Mini 2 does the rest and immediately creates a panoramic masterpiece.

Improved photos
Why wait to share your best photos?
The DJI Fly app offers intelligent, integrated photo optimization. The app automatically improves image quality after downloading a photo, leading to vivid colors and details.

Easiest flight control for stunning videos/photos

In addition to a new simplified operation, the DJI Mini 2 also improved its intelligent functions. Thanks to the intelligent return function, automatic start-up and precise floating, operation is easier and safer than ever.Let your creativity run free and make heaven your new playground.

Fly Spots
Discover new adventures.

You're not sure where to fly? Finding a suitable starting point for flying should not give you a headache. Plan your route in advance with the DJI Fly app, and you may even meet another fan of aerial photography.

When the Mini 2 is near your smartphone, the DJI Fly App automatically connects to the aircraft and synchronizes selected photos and videos with 20 MB/s.

Shortcut Video clips
With this new feature you can easily cut out a segment of your film material to edit and download it. Hunting for your favorite photo or worrying about insufficient storage space is a thing of the past.

Fantastic templates
The intuitive editor of the DJI Fly app contains a variety of creative templates. Flying, recording, editing and parts can be done directly so that you can do everything on the way.


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