DJI FPV combo drone

DJISKU: CP.FP.00000002.01

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  • 1x DJI FPV combo
    consisting of:
    -1x DJI FPV drone
    -1x DJI FPV Intelligent Flight Battery
    -1x DJI FPV Propeller (pair)
    -1x DJI FPV Gimbal protection
    -1x DJI FPV top shell
    -1x DJI FPV remote control 2
    -1x additional joysticks (pair)
    -1x DJI FPV Goggles V2
    -1x DJI FPV Goggles Antenna (Dual Band)
    -1x DJI FPV Goggles Battery
    -1x DJI FPV Goggles power cord (USB-C)
    -1x DJI FPV Goggles headband
    -1x DJI FPV Goggles upholstery
    -1x DJI FPV power supply
    -1x DJI FPV power cable
    -1x USB-C data cable
    -1x USB C-OTG cable
Product details
    • Brand / Manufacturer: DJI
    • Manufacturer number: cp.fp.00000002.01
    • EAN: 6941565903860

    DJI FPV Drone (Universal Edition)

    Fly through the sky, as in your wildest dreams. We never lost our passion for flying and with DJI FPV, this passion has implemented the imagination in reality. Make yourself with this impressive and intuitive aircraft ready to rise in the sky.

    Forget complicated wiring and assembly. The DJI FPV Combo offers everything you need, assembled and ready for use in a box. Simply turn on and enable the aircraft, remote control and goggles and drop.

    • Impressive flight experience
    • Brand new S-mode
    • 4K / 60FPS Superweit field of view
    • Intuitive motion control unit
    • HD transmission with low latency
    • Emergency brake with hovering flug

    FPV has never looked so good.

    The slim and aerodynamic DJI FPV aircraft offers a strong drive, long flight time and high wind resistance. The system is as efficient as visually breathtaking.

    DJI FPV stands out in multiple terms. She has sporty front LEDs and illuminated boom arms that can be adjusted in the color. This allows you to make your DJI FPV unique and crop your individual needs.

    A completely new flight experience. Unprecedented control.

    Feeling the thrill of an impressive flight supplied by DJI FPV Goggles V2 and DJI FPVS Superweit 150 ° view field. The HD video transmission with up to 120 fps offers you an extremely liquid real-time view of your flight.

    • 150 ° -Suerweitwinkel
    • Max. Bilder rate of 120 fps

    Whether you are an experienced FPV pilot or an absolute beginner, DJI FPV offers three intuitive flight modes that everyone can fly safely from the first day.

    Simply get the dynamic look of FPV footage in S mode. This hybrid flight mode combines the freedom of manual flying with the simplified control you are used to from Dji drones.

    The N mode is ideal for new pilots and offers an impressive flight with conventional drone control as well as DJI security features such as the detection of obstacles.

    Fly in M ​​mode for complete, boundless control and the total FPV flight experience. Simply customize parameters and enjoy an incomparable flight including matching videos.

    DJI motion control unit (sold separately)
    Experience never previously seen highlights when flying with the new DJI motion control unit. With this compact device, the drone can be controlled by your natural hand movements. This is not just a FPV innovation. It is a completely new way to fly.

    Emergency brake with hovering flug
    Even for experts, the manual FPV flight can be a challenge. For this reason, DJI FPV has a emergency brake with hovering flug. Just press the button on the remote control while flying in any flight mode and at any speed. The aircraft stops and floats stable within a few seconds.

    Sophisticated safety functions
    A position light, intelligent return function, recharged return and detection of obstacles forward and downwards are integrated into the DJI FPV to ensure a safe flight even at high speeds.

    • Position light / country laborer
    • Sensors front
    • Sensors below
    • Tof


    Recordings that meet the intensity of your flights.

    Powerful drive in combination with a super-wide vision field of 150 ° offer an incomparable view. 4-speed slow motion, rock steady stabilization and distortion correction ensure even more fluid and more dramatic results.

    The DJI FPV can record 4k / 60fps video with up to 120 Mbps and grabbed sharp details that make the footage so intoxicating as the flight itself.

    • 120 MBit / s bitrate
    • 4k / 60fps video

    Rocksteady stabilization
    Regardless of how dynamic your flight maneuvers, the Rocksteady stabilization ensures that your footage remains absolutely jerky

    * The video coding formats H.264 and H.265 are supported so that you have more options during video editing.

    The new O3
    The transmission system DJI O3 (Ocusync 3.0) was adapted to the special requirements of DJI FPV. Enjoy crystal clear real-time video transmission, even in distances of up to 10 km.

    Video transmission with low latency 28 ms
    The latency of the video transmission of DJI FPV is less than 28 ms.

    Bit rate of video transmission 50 Mbps
    The bit rate of the video transmission from DJI FPV is up to 50 Mbps.

    Video transfer range 10 km
    DJI FPV supports a HD video transmission range of up to 10 km.

    Automatic change for a stable signal
    The DJI FPV supports automatic switching between 2.4 and 5.8 GHz and offers a video transmission bit rate of up to 50 Mbps, which significantly reduces stuttering and compression artifacts. High-performance antennas in the aircraft include three transmitters and four receivers to improve the signal, resulting in a stable, reliable video transmission.

    * When the signal is disconnected, DJI FPV automatically activates the safety-related return.

    For more safety in the air

    The DJI FPV provides an additional security level with integrated ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast). This system receives location information from manned aircraft in your area and sends warnings to Goggles V2 so that enough time is available to avoid manned aircraft nearby.

    Easily replaceable parts
    The gimbal camera, the chassis and the top shell of the DJI FPV are all modularly built up and easily interchangeable, making repairs to children's play. Dji Care Refresh is also available. It provides protection for a variety of damage and just gives you more safety when flying.

    DJI flight simulator
    With the DJI flight simulator app, you can practice flying in lifelike, simulated scenarios before lifting off in the real world. Simply connect the DJI FPV Goggles V2 and remote control and you can already master the flight in a risk-free virtual environment.

    Spectator Mode: Let someone fly fly
    The DJI FPV supports viewer mode. Just insert other DJI FPV Goggles V2 on your channel and you can share your bird's eye view

    DJI Fly app

    Smartphone Live view
    The DJI Fly app can view the live view of the glasses on a smartphone when connected to a cable.

    Edit and share
    With the DJI Fly app you can play footage, edit and share your works in social media - everything with just a few steps.

    Fly spots
    With Fly Spots you can also discover popular places for the aerial view of your area.


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