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The Air 3 Is the latest compact drone of DJI And offers significant improvements in flight time, camera and video transmission.

  • 2 Cameras: Wide angle and 3 subject telekamera
  • 46 minutes flight time
  • Avoiding obstacle with all -round protection
  • HDR video with up to 4k/60fps
  • New O4 video transmission with more range and stability

The Air 3 has the first dual camera system of the Air series with a wide -angle camera and a 3 -fold telekamera.
The two Cameras Have the same sensor size (1/1.3 "), but different focal lengths.

Additional camera performance
With the wide -angle camera, wide landscapes can be recorded more of full.
The 3 subject Zoom Camera offers a unique perspective on every motif.

Photos with 48 megapixels
Both Cameras are able to deliver 48 MP photos with lifelike details that look great and enable seamless cut to posts if necessary.

HDR video with 4K/60FPS
The sensors of the Air 3 Support two native ISO settings for the direct edition of 4K/60FPS HDR video without cutting.
That means that the footage of both Cameras characterized by rich colors with natural light crossings for breathtaking and highly precise results.

Maximum resolution: up to 4k/100fps
HDR video: up to 4k/60fps
Color mode 10 Bit D-Log M, 10 bit HLG

Omnidirectional obstacle avoidance
The recognition system enables comprehensive ambient awareness, so that the Air 3 Can recognize obstacles in all directions.
If obstacles are recognized, the Air 3 Use APAS 5.0 to carry out alternative maneuvers.
Even beginners can now fly with confidence and implement creative ideas with improved security.

O4 video transmission
The next generation transmission system gives the Air 3 A significantly improved range and security.
It offers a maximum range of 10 kilometers in CE mode with increased stability and a live feed up to 1080p/60fps.

FOCUSTRACK HEATELY THE THIS MOOK in the middle of the picture.
The updated tracking performance in combination with the obstacle avoidance enables you to intelligent, well -planned intake of images when and wherever you need them.

Quickshots support them Air 3 With creative camera -moving options such as Rocket, Dronie, Circles, Helix, Boomerang and Asteroid.

Vertical 2.7K recordings
The Air 3 Supports vertical 2.7K recordings with both Cameras, which makes vertical film material particularly dynamic when recording landscapes or motifs.
The output of vertical 2.7K recordings directly from the 4/3 cmos delivers clips that are for the Smartphone-Plage are optimized and can be shared in posts on social media without cutting.

With Mastershots the Air 3 automatically run different camera movements, record several clips, edit and cut with music and effects to obtain fast and simplified film material.

Night mode
Thanks to an advanced algorithm to reduce noise, the Air 3 Remove noise -free film material with up to 4k/30fps in environments with poor lighting conditions or at night.

The four options are available, circles, course lock and waypoint to choose from in order to record time -lapse recordings in up to 4 K horizontally or 2.7 K vertically.

Choose 4K/100FPS or 1080P/100FPSSAUS to record a video directly in 4 times slow motion.

Smartphoto 3.0
In individual recording mode, the Air 3 By default, the SmartPhoto 3.0 function, which, depending on the scenario, can automatically select between HDR, hyperlight and scene detection in order to achieve better results. In the HDR-DNG format, the camera record a larger dynamic range with integrated contrast reinforcement.

Quick transfer
Quick download photos and videos from the aircraft to yours Smartphone A wireless connection saves time and work.

Lightcut app
Via the Lightcut app on your Smartphone Can you wirelessly with the Air 3 Connecting and gaining access to extended creative options such as simple post -processing. You don't have to download the entire film material and save space on your mobile device.

Easy post -processing
Select Intelligent Clips due to composition and flight route and automatically adapts optimal template options and sound effects to create film -ready videos quickly and effortlessly

The waypoint function now available for the first time in the AIR series.
Plan flight routes and recordings for the Air 3 In advance to carry out difficult camera movements and achieve breathtaking individual shots.

DJI RC-N2 Remote control
The RC-N2 Remote control uses the next generation of O4 video transmission technology with improved performance.

The Air 3 is classified in class C1 and can therefore be flown in the Open A1 category.
The little one is required EU Drone driver's license, the taxer online registration at the Federal Aviation Office and the marking of the drone.
As with (almost) all drones, liability insurance must be taken out.
The certification also allows flying near people and in residential areas.

scope of delivery

  • 1x Air 3 drone
  • 3 pairs of Air 3 low -noise Propeller
  • 1x Air 3 Gimbal Protection
  • 1x RC-N2 Remote control
  • 1x RC-N2 Remote control cable (USB-C)
  • 1x RC-N2 Remote control cable (Lightning)
  • 1x USB-C Cable
  • 1x Air 3 Intelligent Flight Battery
  • 1x short guide


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