For shipping to Switzerland and Liechtenstein, we charge € 9.90 shipping costs (exkl. Ust.)
Below you will find some information on shipping to Switzerland, the regulations in Liechtenstein are mostly identical.

No sales tax is charged when shipping to Switzerland.
Accordingly, prices in the Shop Without sales tax and in CHF as soon as you select Switzerland as a region or specify as a delivery country at the cash register.
The import is usually taken over by the courier company and these then calculate the duties due.

Tax consisting of the SwissVAT of 7.7%, customs fees (differently depending on the product) and the fees for processing that of DHL, UPS or the Swiss Post.

These taxes are to be paid for and not included in the purchase price.
Additional Information:
Customs tariffs:;jsessionid=kj3Z66a9BzmoQF3ee0ibJN__e1RUxet7O7oqsm4t1dn_VtuoJJM_!-236555033

Products that we unfortunately not outside the EU can send.

  • Drone
  • (Action) Cameras
  • Power station
  • Orders over € 1000 value (approx. 989 CHF)

Since the shipping of these products would be very expensive and complex, it does not make sense for us and not for you as a customer.
If you select Switzerland or Liechtenstein below, therefore some of these products will be hidden.